Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Fair Fashion Affair Berlin 2007

It was like giving birth. For us, organizing this Fair Fashion Affair was the first public project organized by the Grass Routes Agency. Also our unofficial birth as ethical fashion representatives. It was fun, it had a good spirit and creative energy, but a month is definitely too short to organize such an event. If we would do it again, we would prepare at least half a year in advance and also organize more financial means.

Organizing a non-budget event also has it´s charms, and
we have to say the performances where even better because we worked with non-professional models having our first repetition a day before the performances. The tension made it stronger. Off course a lot went wrong, but in the end we had the feeling that the event had a positive resonance.
As we have more experience with starting to prepare an exhibition one day in advance, this might be another record, because we had to fix films, textual expo, clothing, models, discussion forum, equipment, most of the things in the last week. We will take it a bit easy now, work on the more official launch of our ethical fashion label Pamoyo and prepare for future projects. Read more about the Fair Fashion Affair and download our report on

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