Monday, 19 November 2007

Storms and new ideas

Last week we traveled to The Netherlands for a bit of fresh sea air and inspiration. We happened to see the sea at it's highest level since 1953, the year of the big flood in The Netherlands. Such strong nature pwoers always give a strong energy. Meanwhile the Dutch government is seriously investigating the possibilities to build five islands in front of the coast. And in the media the idea of an island in the form of a Tulip got a great response. The Dutch response to Al Gore's warnings and climate change: build some new land...

We met some people and projects on our way, such as Annouk, the woman behind the Yoi Foundation and the Hiphonest label, an initiative that have made ethical fashion more hip in The Netherlands. It was very inspiring to speak with someone who had the same kind of ideas as we had a few years ago, and they realized quite a lot of them. A guerrilla store, pr actions, workshops, etc. On our way back we visited some people in Frankfurt am Main, who we met on the Fair Fashion Affair. Such as Noel, working at the marketing department of the German ecolabel Hess Natur, and Christoph, who is a business adviser for sustainability and LOHAS and the man behind Karmakonsum. As we are still developing our ideas for new actions and events, it is really nice to get in contact with people working in the same direction.

A lot of upcoming things for us: Frans going to Kenia and Uganda next week, a trip to Sweden and The Netherlands (again), a lot of new projects under construction, our ethical fashion label Pamoyo getting started for real, the realization of the Grass Routes Foundation, finding a funky office and atelier space in Berlin, etc. etc.

We keep you informed...

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