Monday, 4 June 2007

Retour / Detour

Since we moved upwards through Italy we feel that our journey is getting closer to it's end. Meanwhile we recognized that this way of living hjas been very valuable to us, and we hope that we will be able to travel more often like this and work while we travel. We promised ourselves not to stick to the ordinary citylife too long. When we come back, we will have some projects to do, such as starting up the Pamoyo clothing label, which we have been preparing a bit during our trip. It is not easy to work while traveling the way we do, with a small child and intensive travel experiences and work visits. The travelling blessed us with inspiration and imput, and we look forward putting our ideas into practice!

We have had a bit of a break seeing Klaas en Riki, though the start was a sort of strange nightmare with a cursed house in a village called Spello. We calmed down from our negative experiences on the lovely Renaissance landhouse La Fratta. Here we celebrated Gaya's birthday. It is special to celebrate your first childs first birhtday. A wonderful day! Now we are a few days in the Riviera, close to Cinque Terre. Soon we will visit another ecovillage in Italy and then visit some in France, before we go to Holland.


Manja said...

Hi Frans Cecilia and Gaya! Nice to read about your adventures!

Manja said...

And also, congratulations with the first birthday of Gaya! Funny that you celecrate it were the gaya convention was! I remember that week and the whole busje drie atmosphere, going round and round the rotunda, haha!
Ill keep track of the site, and am curious about the clothing, will it be compatible with my identity? :) Nice to see the colurful initiatives in Albania. I wanted to go there when I went to Dubrovnic for a week, but I was strongly adviced not to go, that it's dangerous to be there. Notice anything of that? Or was that just the travel agency thinking about possible bad publicity?
I can imagine now having a child of 17 month myself that It's hard to travel and work like you did. I find ik very inspiring that you do it anyway, just pick up and go, follow your hart, nice! So I can also imagine that you wrote how nice it was when you met with the people who lived much like you did. I hope you got enough inspiration for yourselves and to pas round!