Thursday, 28 June 2007

Tout, autour de la Terre

We were flying between the clouds. The lights of our van disappeared just in front of us. A dreamland of mists and fogs. Small, turning roads. A red fox crossing our path. Old, abandoned stonehouses with a glimpse of ancient, celtic times. Turns and turns and turns. We had to find an old phoneboot in a village called Ars. We entered another world.

Tout, autour de la Terre is the name of a project in La Creuse, a small, rural region in middle France. Cecilia had been wwoofing here years ago, and now we came for a visit. One woman is living at this place over years, other people come and go, transforming the place with their presence.
The garden was designed according to principles of permaculture, with bees and fruit trees, vegetables and flowers merely growing together, and a lot to weed ass well. This place was also a pottery with beautiful art work, exposed in a handmade greenhouse in the garthen. Next to the old farmhouse a large, gracious tower was built the last years in the old style of the region. The woman who lived here built her own house with recycled materials, old car tires, glass bottles and wood, half underground, but with a great view over the surrounding hills.

We helped with weeding the garden and insolating the roof of the house with kley and hay. We enjoyed the music making and singing, the sweatlodge and the lovely home made pies, cakes, chutneys and strawberry icecreams. There was a good atmosphere and it was very learnsome, though it was not easy for us to adjust to the working and living rithm here. Long working days, late dinners, and a sleepy Gaya, somehow we did not succeed finding the right balance here. After almost a week we had enough of it. We wanted to have time for our own projects, and focus on these. One evening we left for The Netherlands, our last destination before going back (or forth) to Berlin.

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