Monday, 21 January 2008

Re-Fashion: how your old Tee becomes a Slow Fashion statement

Do you also wonder what to do with this dear old shirt, and do not dare to throw it away because of all the memories sticking to it? Now here is your chance to actually give your old shirt a new life where it`s story is not washed away, but traveling with it. is an online shop, collecting old shirts and documenting the life journey of every Re-Shirt around the world. Where normally a shirt get's less value while being worn, Re-shirts become more valuable while becoming the centre of a story and being worn by different people. Ever shirt get's an orange tag with an identification code. And the longer a shirt circulates, the more interesting it's history becomes...

Artistic statement
Re-shirt is initiated by the creative entrepreneur network Shapeshifters and more an artistic statement against overconsumption and the bad effects of conventional clothing production than a serious approach to get all the old shirts of the world send to Vienna with their stories and all.

Slow Fashion

Actually, this shirt action turns around the whole perception of old clothing! A piece of clothing is getting more valuable with the story it collects, and so fashion designers have to suggest this stories with advertising, image building, using retro prints, etc. But in reality, the story of your grandmothers dress is more exciting than that new Vutton bag, isn't it. Let's be slow!

With all the Fashion Fairs around, Slow Fashion gives a good contrast:

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