Sunday, 15 April 2007

earth ships

We would like to learn more about earth ships. They are ecological houses made of recycled materials made with simple, low tech methods. The houses look great and it is cheap to make them. But they are different then normal houses and so in most countries people have a hard time convincing their governments that this is also a proper way of building a house. Ok, we need rules to prevent us from evil and ugly buildings, but mostly the rules cause that all buildings look the same and most buildings are not creative! There is only a few of them still in Europe, but a lot of projects that plan building them. Only that most projects still seam to be pretty expensive and luxurious, while the principle is interesting also for cheap applications For more info on earthships:,

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Lova said...

vilka häftiga hus! har ni varit inne i dom? det stod så kort så jag fatta inte riktigt. hade velat se fler bilder!