Sunday, 15 April 2007

Geocaching adventures

You liked treasure hunting when you where small, but now you think you are too grown up for it? All over the world there are treasures hidden, in nature areas and in the middle of cities, on the weirdest locations. It is called geocaching, a form of searching and hiding treasures with help of longitudes, riddles and a GPS system. You can be quite sure that treasures are hidden just close to where you are...

Lately we found out about it and we had already our first treasure found (see pic). You can just search look on the internet for their coordinates and description and try to find them. Some are hidden behind riddles or codes, and the sport is off course to find ones that are not too easy to find. Once you found one, you can take something from the treasure box, but then you also have to leave something else. Some treasures travel from box to box all over the world.

We went to find one, and came out in a nature area with water and caves, cliffs and small steep paths. After reading the description again we located the place and found the cach, which was hidden pretty well. It was exciting, and even more when you realzy how many of these are hidden everywhere you could imagine. The game is easily to join, and everyone can hide their own treasures. People finding a treasure usually leave a message in the logbook and inform the one who put the cach that he or she found it.

It is so great to know that people are doing these kind of things. A few years ago we were really into street art, looking around in the cities for nice creations. You create a more developed sense for noticing small objects and drawings. This kind of focuses are nice, you look to the world with other eyes. Treasure hunting is also an interesting way of moving around, while you know somewhere something is hidden, and this makes you looking at everything that could be something. One of the few rules of the game is not to disturb anything and to only hide on places where people are not damaging anything. I believe usually it should be people who also care for the environment, while the caches are often hidden far from the civilized world, so you have to like hiking and being in the nature. Yes, we found another secret movement, and if you are interested, check

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