Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Wilderness experience

Nature in the alps is so tres magnefique! It is a wonderful landscape to experience wilderness and come closer to yourself and to heaven. Not for nothing people greet here with `Grüss Got!´. High in the mountains you feel the energy is pure, the water is flowing from fresh melted snow, the birds sing without sorrows, the view is far and bright. Experiencing the wilderness is a good way to recover your senses and fresh up your mind. The beauty of wilderness goes far beyond the world of purposes and usefullness, it simply has value in itself. Something for philosophers and researchers to bother about: what does make this so special? Though when you experience the wilderness itself, one can just feel one with the wild nature as the source of life. That´s something of the mystery where people greet their God for here, high up in the mountains.

We stayed overnight at the foot of some high snow top mountains. Under us a frozen lake, a fresh mountain stream and a marvellous view. It was pretty cold in the night as snow was around us. In the morning we walked up a mountain until the snow was getting up to our knees. In the snow we found traces of different animals, but really not one single human. If it wouldn´t have been so cold, we would have stayed longer, now we moved on, over the Alps, heading for Slovenia.

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Anonymous said...

foto waar je stil van wordt !
Ja als je je daar voor weet te openen geeft het heel veel