Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Canadian Athletes to Olympics with Eco-Friendly Uniforms

The Canadian athletes going to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will wear sport clothing made from organic cotton, bamboo and Cocona, made from Coconut waste.
Not that all bamboo is always so environmental friendly (it consumes a lot of water and is hard to make only using chemicals), but it's a good step forward and can reach a large audience for eco-wear.

“I’m happy that Hbc took the time to consult with athletes on the design of the team uniforms and has created cool, eco-friendly outfits that will meet our needs in Beijing," said rhythmic gymnast Alexandra Orlando of Toronto, who has already qualified for the Beijing Games. Most of the pieces will be available for sale as replica wear through Hudson‘s Bay Company (Hbc) outlets.

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A.Poensgen said...

The Canadians are not the only ones: The Swiss team will also take part in an outfit, where ecology and fair trade was taken care of. The textiles are mostly produced by Switcher http://www.switcher.com/english/about-switcher/, a company well known for its dedication to foster organic cotton and fair trade, flip flops and other shoes come from simple http://www.simpleshoes.com/country.aspx and are made of car wire, bamboo or organic cotton. All the suppliers to be found at http://www.swissolympic.ch/desktopdefault.aspx/tabid-2920//3823_read-24372