Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Organic Jeansbrand NAU Gives Up

With all the good news of growth for fair trade and organic products, and especially with the hype around green fashion, one can hardly believe that such a cool organic jeans brand as NAU has to give up, for financial reasons. The brand had a very fresh and forward approach, creative and stylish. I got the impression the people behind NAU where extremely engaged. Within a short time the company brand built up a strong name and good sales.

It forces to a bit of reflection for all the green living and LOHAS believers: can this movement just grow in times of economical wealth? Are sustainable products and lifestyle a luxury for the good times? How can sustainable products be crisis resistant?

From the statement of NAU:

"In the current highly risk-averse capital market, we simply could not raise the necessary funds to continue to move forward. We believe this is not so much a reflection of the viability of our business, but the result of an unfortunate confluence of events. Just as we could not have predicted the sudden groundswell of environmental consciousness that blossomed at the time we launched our business, we did not foresee the current crisis in the capital markets. At this time, investors are loath to invest in anything; especially, it appears, a company like Nau that has the audacity to challenge conventional paradigms of what a business should be."

"Nau set out to show the world that business can be a force for positive social and environmental change. Although our current financial obstacles have proven to be insurmountable, it does not mean the ideas associated with Nau are unattainable. Nau was merely one attempt to express a larger idea that was around before us and will survive long after. It remains as urgent as ever for businesses to take the lead in creating a sustainable future for humans and the planet. We, as individuals and as members of a grander collective of the change-minded, look forward to continuing that journey."
Well, if you can say that after giving up your company, you must be wise people. Keep up the good spirit!

Via: Victoria Everman

Image through: G Living.tv

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