Friday, 4 April 2008

Chic, animal friendly footwear from Georgette

Always wanted something else on your feet than snake or cow? Well there is some alternatives around. One of my latest discoveries is Georgette.

The shoes of Georgette look great. And they are not just looking great, but also totally vegan and animal friendly. Georgette has a store in Antwerp and a online boutique.

The funky footwear of Georgette is crafted by small family businesses in Italy and Spain. They promise to use nonleather and eco-friendly materials.


Quail said...

Georgette is a fun website to visit. There are so many ethical fashion labels cropping up all over the place! It's great! Proper creative diversification!

Clarissa said...

I am always against to animal cruelty.I like it because those shoes are looking gorgeous and also totally vegan and animal friendly.