Saturday, 19 April 2008

La Mode Ethique: Guide to Ethical Fashion

La Mode Ethique is an international guide of ethical fashion brands and designers. The website, which is still in development, lists a good choice of labels. Of all the listings so far, this is until now the best one. A shame of all the google ads around, and also the flash thing is a bit unfunctional, but it is a great source and also professionals can still find a lot of new, cool designers here.

I also just wrote about Bransparent, another promising listing of ethical brands, who do a sustainability check up with every brand they ad to their list.

Still all these listings are far from complete. We created a much longer list of labels as any list we found on the internet so far. Maybe we should sell it over e-bay ;)

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Luke said...

Hi, tis Luke here from LaModeEthique. Thanks for featuring us and we appreciate the feedback which we are taking onboard. If anyone has any other suggestions / criticisms please let us know.

PS we dislike the Google Ads too, they will go :o)

Luke GM