Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Berlin Fashion Week reports: Room to Roam, young organic fashion from Munich

Room to Roam - "the new breath of freedom blowing through a well-assorted wardrobe."

Actually there is more cool, German ethical fashion labels than one might think. On the Premium exhibition, we met the people behind the label Room to Roam. The Munich based organic fashion label Room to Roam combines fresh design and sustainability. Created by designer Akela Stoklas, the label offers elegant and exclusive items for women. Another fresh new ethical fashion brand in Germany!

Image: Room to Roam

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Frank said...

On the Premium trade show they had a whole section with "earth friendly" fashion, that was impressive. we especially liked the vegan bags from Matt&Nat from Canada. You can read about their bags here on, of course with plenty of photos.

cheers, Frank