Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Reports from Biofach: De Leckere, one of the best dutch special beers in the world

The international organic fair BioFach has an incredible offer of organic foods. For all I am amazed by all the innovative and luxurious products offered. Finest biological Belgian chocolate, in exciting new tastes, the best Italian pestos, exotic local fruits from Africa, sparkling new lemonades, etc. As a dedicated consumer of organic products one feels like Alice in wonderland.

One of the products presented on the Dutch area of the BioFach (every country has it’s own cultural-commercial trade space) is a special beer brand called De Leckere (“The Tasty One”). This beer brand was once started by some old housemates of mine in our basement. They were some young guys with a passion for beer, experimenting nights long to invent their own beers.

We, the other house mates, were a bit of laboratory rabbits, drinking the results from their experiments. There were always stories and rumors about the ingredients. And off course they tried out making cannabis beer as well. But in the end they developed some really amazing beers that were sold in the shops. After a fast growth and some troubles the beer started to conquer the world. With almost all smaller beer brands being part of larger ones, it is great to see a small, independent beer brand survive so long...

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