Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Reports from the Biofach: Life elixer from Makava

On the blogger meeting, I met a few Austrian guys who just started their own biological, fair trade lemonade brand called MAKAvA. Being about the same stage with our ethical fashion brand Pamoyo, it is fun to hear the stories of other young, green entrepreneurs.

Based on ‘green gold’ Maté, MAKAvA you to have a good mood and bring a smile in your face, as the makers of the drink promise. The drink is sweetened with Agave and elder blossom. It is made with real spring water and without any adding of carbonic acid. That’s why it tastes different than most other lemonades, less sweet, and quite a subtle taste.

The MAKAvA lemonade will be spread by selling in selected clubs, bars and shops. Soon they will expand to Germany as well. We will hear more of this drink, I hope. Now the Bionade limonade started to sell at MacDonalds in Germany, it's getting time for some new drinks!

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