Saturday, 9 February 2008

Recykling Multiplikacje: eco-fashion event in Poland

As Summer Rayne Oaks, model and face of the ethical fashion show in Paris, predicted lately that more and more local and national green fashion events will occur and that green fashion will continue to grow. I was lately wondering if and when green fashion would set foot in Eastern Europe or Russia.

In Cracow on January 26th there was an eco-fashion show under the name "Recykling Multiplikacje - Pozak Recyklingowy". Students of the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design (Szkola Artystyczego Projektowania Ubioru) were showing over 300 garments of eco-fashion clothing made of recycled materials-paper and plastic. The event was organized in cooperation with the Polish Goethe Institute.

Will the green living movement globalize?
The question rises if "green living" is something mainly exclusive for traditional western societies, or that the topic globalizes as well. Can eco-fashion or LOHAS become a success in Poland, or Turkey, or Russia? It is an interesting question to work out: can the green lifestyle movement be exported to countries where environmental awareness is not that popular? Will it also conquer groups of consumers and citizens not so much concerned about the environment?

source: sustainable style foundation
pictures by Pawel Kaminski

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