Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Go with the green flow: on sustainable skateboards

Going green...over the pavements. Brazilian innovation group Let's EVO and materials developer Fibra Sustainable Design Materials have created a funky, sustainable skateboard. Go with the green flow!

The cover layers of new eco skate board model are from Papunha Veneer, produced from the waste of the sustainable palm-heart industry. The second layer is a composite formed by 70% natural fibers (jute, malva and curaua) and 30% post-production recycled polypropylene. The natural fibers of this material are also produced fair trade. The heart of the board is from 3-ply Organic Bamboo, grown without chemicals and in a sustainable model.

Other sustainable skateboard models: Arbor’s and Sector 9’s.

Sources: Treehugger, Haute Nature

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